Cultural and Activities

Statues Garden

Unique stone statues is situated throughout the hotel, the work of sculptor Arie Ashkenazi. Special tours are available that illustrate the story of his creations.

Waterfall and Restored Windmill

The waterfall is situated at the end of the Hagoshrim Rivulet that crosses the kibbutz (one of these six rivulets of Dan River). The waterfall is a remnant of an ancient Watermill with two water chutes and grinding rooms.
The water was used to operate to grinding stones. The stones were embedded in the mill's stairs.
Stories from the ancient past indicate that sugarcane was also ground at this location.
Today, the place serves as a memorial for fallen Kibbutz Hagoshrim soldiers.

Dharma Pub

The Dharma Pub is surrounded by stunning natural views and is located next to the river.
The pub is open between Mondays and Saturdays.
10% off for hotel guests (special offers are non-cumulative)