Hahula Nature Reserve

An enchanting combination of birds, plants and rare fish - a magical and wonderful world of beguiling flora and fauna.
The Reserve includes hiking trails and birdwatching sites.
The main trail at the Reserve is also accessible to persons with disabilities.

Hermon River (Banias) Nature Reserve

The Banias Spring lies at the foot of Mount Hermon, and its waters coursing and racing with terrible speed is a sight to behold. The Banias extends across 3.5 kilometers In its path, the river forms the Banias Waterfall, a turbulent and unruly waterfall, and the most ferocious and impressive waterfall in Israel. Nine kilometers later, the Hermon and the Dan Rivers meet to join the Jordan River.

Ayun River (Hatanur) Nature Reserve

Ayun River is a deep channel that passes between erect walls of rock near Metula. The River begins its route in Ayun Valley in Lebanon. The source of the river are situated across the border, some seven kilometers north of Metula. In summertime, spring water is used for agriculture, and the river is left with smaller springs that continue to flow in the summer.

Shanir Hatzbani Nature Reserve

Shanir (Hatzbani) River is one of the three principal sources of the Jordan River and its longest. It begins its route somewhere in southern Lebanon some 35 kilometers north of Hasbaya. The river spans 65 kilometers and it drains the northwestern slopes of Mount Hermon in an area of 640 square kilometers.

Tel Dan Nature Reserve

The Tel Dan Nature Reserve is a kind of wonderland: water rivulets flowing from all directions join a turbulent river, with towering treetops that maintain an eternal shadow and refreshing coolness, even at noon in a hot day.

Ma’ayan Hagoshrim Kayak Center

A water soaked and unique extreme experience for the entire family in summertime. Kayak and riverboat rowing in a variety of River paths, including a professional and exciting kayak slide.
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