Green Hotel

The natural landscapes that surround the hotel cover it would breathtaking beauty from all directions, and the hotel shows its appreciation. To preserve the environment and our natural landscapes, Hagoshrim Hotel & Nature’s staff follows a environmental code of conduct, and it continues to endeavor to raise awareness among employees and guests.

Special collection and recycling stations can be found throughout the hotel, at which plastic bottles, paper, cardboard and batteries can be recycled. Water-saving devices have been installed in every bathroom and in public spaces, computerized water counters are used in every irrigation point in the public gardening areas, and energy-saving lightbulbs are installed throughout the hotel.

Hagoshrim Hotel & Nature makes sure to recycle kitchen waste as much as practicable. Food waste is carefully sorted, with raw waste being used as compost. Oil is collected into tanks and recycled by a third party service provider.

The hotel has prepared and nurtured a spice plant garden that is available to and is freely used by our guests. In addition, hotel makes use of recycled paper bags, dispensers, and, as needed, green pesticides. Old energy systems and been replaced by energy-efficient and environmentally friendly systems.

As part of the hotel's vision, namely, to achieve synergy with nature and the human presence around the premises, Hagoshrim Hotel & Nature’s staff has decided to make a positive impact on its community. Each year, families in need and various welfare organizations stay at the hotel free of charge, and, in times of war, the hotel opens its gates to guests that live in high-risk areas. In addition, the hotel's staff contributes food and equipment to people in need and to social welfare organizations, and supports and contributes to sports teams active in northern Israel.