- Guest Club

Join “HaGoshrim Hotel Guest Club” now - the club for HaGoshrim Kibbutz and Resort Hotel return guests - and the enjoyment begins!
Club members enjoy a wealth of benefits, discounts and special, exclusive offers.
The benefits are only available after at least one stay at the Hotel:
  • 25% on a B&B double booking during the birthday month of one of the couple. An additional 10% discount for the second night onwards within the framework of the stay. During July and August, Israel national holidays and weekends, this benefit is subject to the hotel policy regarding date of accommodation.
  • 15% discount on midweek room-booking.
    This offer is not valid during July and August and Israel national holidays.
  • 10% discount on room-bookings at weekends, Israel national holidays and during July and August. 
  • Ninth Night Free. Valid after the count of 8 nights’ accommodation at the hotel, during 2 years, dating from the first night. The offer includes B&B accommodation, mid-week, based on room availability. Not valid in July and August and during Israel national holidays.
  • Room Upgrade based on room availability.
  • 20% discount at the Hotel Spa – on the variety of treatments and packages: must be booked in advance.
You can also carry on enjoying yourselves outside the precincts of hotel:
  • 25% discount on kayaking at Ma’ayan HaGoshrim Kayaks (during the season only).
  • 30% discount at Dishon ‘Traktorons’ (ATV’s), on the variety of individually-suited trips. 
  • 20% discount at the Manara Cliff
  • And more…
Members of the HaGoshrim Kibbutz and Resort Hotel Guest Club are invited to join, at no additional charge, the Members Club of the Crown Plaza Hotel Chain, and enjoy a wealth of benefits and discounts in the chain’s range of hotels. The benefit is worth NIS 200.
Charge for membership of the ‘HaGoshrim Hotel Guest Club’: NIS 89 for 2 years.