Hotel Facilities

Health and sports center
The center offers a sauna, a gym, a basketball court, a squash court,
indoor and outdoor swimming pools and group and individual activities.

*Outdoor swimming pool is open only during the summer.
Fiorina Spa
The spa offers a perfect experience of health and enjoyment to all hotel guests.
The spa includes 10 treatment rooms for individuals and couples, an authentic Turkish Hammam, a dry sauna, an ice fountain and a health bar.
Accommodation packages may be included with single-day treatment packages for couples and groups.
Lobby Bar
A lobby bar is available at your convenience.
The lobby bar offers a diverse menu of coffee, drinks and dairy meals and a place to sit and relax in front of the enchanting view that surrounds the hotel.
Hotel Restaurant
The meeting point of fine tastes, aromas and nature.
As a part of the hotel’s hospitality perception, the chef uses only the best ingredients from the Galilee region, hence creating a unique culinary experience.
Events Halls
The hotel offers various options for hosting conferences and events for every purpose.
The hotel provides advanced technical equipment in addition to unique custom menus.
Statues Garden
Unique stone sculptures by sculptor Arie Ashkenazi are located throughout the hotel.
Special tours that illustrate the story of his creations are available.
Waterfall and Restored Windmill
The waterfall is a remnant of an ancient watermill with 2 water turbines and 2 grinding rooms.
The waterfall is located at the end of the HaGoshrim rivulet.
Today, the place serves as a memorial for fallen soldiers from the kibbutz.
The Hidden River
In the kibbutz, you can hike along the Hidden River: this charming, beautiful, and special path takes you on a short journey through the wild. The fully shaded trail passes by running water and over wooden bridges, and it feels like entering the heart of the jungle. Together, it makes for a perfect trip suitable for all ages. You can see poplars, eucalyptus, Tabor oaks, willows, and fig trees, as well as horsetail.